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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  September 27, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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to binewk , c see me do an interview with bob woodward. i'll do the intviewing and he'll do the answering questions about his new book. >> nfl is back with referees. that means you'll get to see the guns. thhe the nfl refs are back and football is back. we'll see you tomorrow. ick around for chuck. >> trifecta. the third day in a row that president obama and mitt romney will shadow each other in the saat y itlun virginia. the old dominion went blue in 2008. was that an accident of injury? virginia is a check mate state when it comes to the romney path to 270. mounting pressure and qutions face the obama administration ovethsaul inya that killed the u.s. ambassador. was the white house reluctant to declare it a terrorist attack because it happened on a 9/11
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anniversary and the politics of the momentight have swallowed them up? pushback inpennsyania. ted. laws violate anyone's rights. may not matter if a judge decides that the new rules simply can't work in time. good morning from washington. it's thursday, septemb 27th, 12. this is "e day ruow thelsf matching manhattan moments and duelling buckeye banjos in ohio, mitt romney a president obama hit the same state for the third day in a row. today it's virginia. the president will speak at a rally at a virgin beach am amphitheater. as we told you yesterday, virginia is likely to be this year's florida or ohio. the state where returns will mostly resemble the national number. if you want to know how important virginia is to both mpaigns, look at where the e buygir ads.
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four of the top ten most saturated tv markets in the country this week are all in virginia. roanoke lynchburg market, and now washington d.c. which of course reaches into nohern virginia. threeethe top ten are in ohio. the president leads by five to eight points. today the romney campaign will cus on local issues hitting the president on defense cs. it's clear the 47% i a drag on romney's campaign. he went out of his way at every stop yesterday to show a more compassionate side. >> i've been acrosshis country. i think the president cares about theeoama. i a the people in america but i know how to help the people of america. with he have people that are hurting. we have people that are disabled and people who are poor. they need our help and reive
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our help. we're a charitable pele. >> when asked how he can untaheblof lessiv his personal wealth, he tauted his massachusetts health care overhaul. >> don't forget i gotverybody in my state insured. 100% of the kids in our state re empathy and care about the people of our state than that kind of record. >> the question was not about health care. romney went from the interview to a toledo rally where he then slamd the president'seah care law. >> obama care is exhibit number one of the president's political philosophy. and that is that government knows better than people how to run their lives. d the i think of jack ry
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nicholson and "a few good men." health care in massachusetts was a signature accomplishment and it seems to kill him he can't simply say you're right i signed the bill into law and like the mandate in this state. he can't campaign on health care and there's a takeback like you saw now. >> president obama is coming across aggressive on the campaign trail. the president argued republins wanted to give the wethst amican peoee me and mr. romney a tax cut. now the president has changed that language. he leads himseves himself out o. >> my opponent thinks it's fair that someone who mak 2 million a year lik hoess leha autoworker who makes 50,000 a year but i disagree. i don't think that's fair. >> meanwhile, paul ryan debuted a power point presentation over the weekend in florida and has now been using charts on the
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trail since to hammer the president on the national debt at kt ste urs l t, pde decided to mock him for it. >> if they go around as they have in ohio with some board behind them with numbers and saying how it's a moral fici jusask, we duce the explain how the numbers work. >> then the president turned his own gaffe into a hit on romney. >> i want to see us export more jobs. export more products. excuse me. i was -- i was channeling my opponent there for a second. >> this morng the big news is from t obama campaign. they are out with a two-minute television ad that to many will look le aampansu spfilnd the campaign believes frankly that for many voters it is the closing days before voting.
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voters in 30 states are already eligible to vote. this ad is the last thing the campaign wants the people to see before the debates. this ad airs in colorado, flora,wa nevada, new hampshire and virginia. not north carolina or wisconsin. take a look. >> during the last weeks of this campaign there will be debates. speeches. and more ads. if i could sit down with you in your living room or aund the kitchetable, here's what i woulsay. whk fiwe losing nearly 800,000 jobs a month. today i believe that as a nation we are moving forward again. >> the ad goes on for more than another 90 seconds. he ticks through what he says is his four-poi plan if he get a seco terandsksks t ars plan to romney and sends them to a website. the romney campaign responds this morning in a statement from press secretary andrea saul. >> in the time it takes his latest ad to run, our national
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debt grows by at least another $5 million. team obama is quickly seizing on early voting. it was just as slow in labelg the attack on the u.s. embassy in libya as an act of terrorism. in an exclusive interview wit nbws ann curry, claims were discounted the attack were in response to a video produced in cifornia and available on youtube. >> would you call the attack on the u.s. consulate inenghi ie doubt about that. and it's a preplanned act of terrorism directed against american citizs. >> do you think the movie had anything to do with this attack on the consulate? >> not on this attack not on this at. it nngdoit this attack. >> and yesterday white house press secretary told reporters traveling on air force one,
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"it's the case that it's our view as an administration, the president's ew, that it was a terrorist tack." it's the first explicit acknowledgement that t taas an act of terror. secretary of state hillary clinton speaking at the united nations on wednesday became the highest ranked officia to publicly say there was a link between the attack and al qaeda. >> f some time al qaeda and othegrou hnche ats kidnappings into neighboring countrs and they are working with other violent extremists to undermine the democratic transitions under way in north africa as we tgiy saw in benghazi. >> republicans are trying to seize on this slow walk by the administration. it see to be a legitimate gripe. they are trying to make it stick. a group of powerful house republicans from the armed services, foreign afirs,
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intelligence, judiciary and appropriations committee have sent a letter saying clearly the threat from al qaeda and affiliate groups has increased an we're not arning. aood me lef a' administration evolving statements on libya from saying it wasn't planned to now acknowledging it was an act of terrorism. the most charitable explanation of these resolving statementis information the administration received has changed or wasn't compte or the most unitab ie white house was slow to admit it was terrorism due to the upcoming election and sending out u.n. ambassador susan rice to morning shows days after the attacks saying we do not have information at present that leads us to conclude that this was premeditated or preplanned. by the way, you have to wder ifbainre-election is rice's chances of being secretary of state are collateral damage from all of this simply because senate republicans may want someone to go after if they end up losing
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the big enchilada. >> critics of the voter i.d. law will takeheta t t inheudha t provision is unworkable. they'll hear from witnesses who say the state hasn't adequately prepared the public for what's coming. pete williams is nbc's justice correspondent. you had one court send it back to another court in pennsylvania. making this argumentlo,o state, you better prove you can make this law work. we're not saying it's unconstitution a. unconstitutional. we don't know if it will work. >> the law originally passed said you could use a driver's license or like many states, a nondriver stat. >>hi ns shing like that. >> a specific card. a nondriver's license that looks like a driver's license but isn't one. so when people went to get it, the state said, well, that's fine but you have to have a birth certificate with a raised se, a social security card and two other forms o titi more than the legislature intended. here's the problem.
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we have to do a thorough background check because you can use one of these cards for other homeland security purposes. boarding airplanes for example. the state said wll issue a new third kind ofard that's only e opponents said it's still too hard to get one. when you go to get one, people said but you have to get the nondri nondriver's licensany way. thstate says it's easy to get. the question for the judge now oun ro get them to ndas the people that need them and that's what the opponents of the law say can't possibly happen in time for the election. now at a hearing on tuesday, the judge signaled to both sides that he was probably going to put a stop on this at least for thiseltion so but at this point it's a tough road for the state to prove this will not disenfranchise voters. >> pennsylvania is one of the very few states that has a very hard absentee ballot.
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almost all voters vote on election day in pennsylvania unlike what tnon wer tng about earlier. it seems as if the most likely result is some sort of injunction. >> it seems that way. the judge said when you come back on thursday, toda be prepared to argue what kind of injunction i should issue. will it be temporary? >> the law is going to be upheld eventually. that's the other thing i feel like -- you hear that's the way the baby is being split here. the law is constitutional. in principle. >>he stateas meooy changes is argument the judge is inclined to go with right now in order to use it for the purposes of this fall's election. >> pete williams, all things legal. a little complicate that's why we have you. taking the fight to the old ni we tkoirginia senator mark warner next. and money matters. after months sitting on the
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sidelines, there's democratic donors getting into the super pac me. are the biggest gop super pacs holding onto tirsh fascinating to watch. vote early and often. ballots are being cast in a key swing state and it's looking good for the president. we'll tell you where that is. first, a look ahead at the schedules of president obama and mitt romney. as you say, they are all over virginia andhe goi t no swing areas of virginia per se but where they can work on their base. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. we'll be right back. i love toly, hehethic exps and twitter were teaming up, i was pretty interested. turns out you just sync your american express card securely to your twitter account, tweet specific hashtags, and you'll get offers on things you love. this totally changes the way i think about membership.
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>> it is good to be back in
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norfolk. >> virginia really knows how to say hello. >> it's great to be in virginia. >> it's one issue that's really important here ivirginia. anyou, virginia! >> it could all come down to what happens in just a few battleground states like virginia. >> virginia, you're a battleground state. it could come down to virginia november.ectoral votes this th cdateareack ie commonwealth today campaigning for votes in a place that went blue for the first time in 40 years last time around. joining me now is democratic senator mark warner. when he won, people thought it was an anomaly and was the start of a trend of moving virgini from redopu. senator, good morning. >> gd morning, chuck. >> i want to ask you about the swing -- if you were to describe why virgia is a swing state, it was the state that most closely matched the national number four years ago. how the tion went,ot viinia. why? what is the uniqueness about it
9:18 am
that makes it match the national -- the way the national picture looks? >> in a lot of ways virginians are less partisan. we don't have party i.d. in our elections. i thinkoln virare interested in people who get stuff done and they felt last time and again i think this time they weigh the two candidates and they feel like president obama's record and the fact that he's got a plan for moving forward. you know, one of the things that i think has not got enough s ussor 2ears election, i longer than i've been a politician. my biggest critique of the romney/ryan approach is the business plan isn't a plan i would invest in and i don't think mitt romney at bai would invest in. a good business invests in workforce, pnt and equipment, how to staaheadth etn. governments do it in education, infrastructure, and r&d and romney/ryan plan cuts that by 75%. i don't know how you stay competitive if you spend less an 5% of federal resrces on
9:19 am
educating your workforce and building roads and bridges and di china, even europe is doing more than that. i think that kind of business plan approach is something that resonates in virginia. >> do you believe one of the other reasons the president has held up strong in virginia the whole time is federal workers, the economy,hat specifically? is ibecae the are aot fel wrs w are mad at republicans that want to cut or is it that the economy thanks to the federal government and defense contractors, unemployment rate is basically at full employment? >> well, virginia is doing better than the rest of the country. that's been a tnd we've had donkeche a lot of federal workers, because there are a lot of folks who work in the defense industry, this constant effort of shutting down the government that we have seen, approach from the house, you know, i think that's kind of 10as an election where people were just angry, i think 2012 people in virginia for that
9:20 am
matter across the country want to hire people who want to get things fixed and not say what's wrong with the other guys. >> why do you think the president is doing better than tim kaine? >> ihinkt e of the day tim will -- i'll make a bet he'll do a bit better than the president. i don't see a lot of obama/allen voters in virginia. ere are voters in the state who are not focused yet on the senate race for may fus on idalra i think tim will do very, very well well. >> as a u.s. senator are you comfortable with the explanation the obama administration has offered you on what happened i benghazi? >> i'm on the intelcommittee. i think it is very aropriate tll of theacts before they rush to judgment. and i think there are still facts that need to be uncovered. if they would have rushed the other way and then proven not to be the case in a terrorist attack, they would have been
9:21 am
attack forhat as well. >> looking at what suse said on sunday shows in hindsight, that was a mistake? >> you dealith the facts that you have at the time. and i still think there are still facts to be uncovered in terms of certain time lines. th is a dangerous parf wo end the day we know that we've got to do a better job going forward of protecting our diplomatic personnel wherever they were in the world. >> you don't believe you were misled? >> i think as the facts come out, thedministratiois going wa t hreho out tus. my colleagues want to hear more. i can assure you this took place in a part of the world where i wish we would have had more intel but i think there is a real danger in rushing to judgment before you get all of the facts. omrg,nk fominrk warner, dra on this morning. >> thanks, chuck. >> after a down day on wall street, investors look across
9:22 am
the pond today. market rundow is next. maybe it's the one thing democrats and republicans could agree on lately. after three weeks of blown calls, the nfl a rs ckout, they finallyave struck a deal. first, today's trivia question. who is the first u.s. president with an mba? tweet me the answer. the answer and more coming up on "the daily rdown." we'll be right back.
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wall street reacting to some mixed messages tod while joess clms h the lowest w data shows the u.s. economy is growing at a slower pace than previously thought. let's get to the market rundown. becky, what are the markets going to see in they have known
9:26 am
the economy is growing slowly. >> they have. it loo like we'll open higher today by quite a bi s lhe d futures up by 75 points at this moment. we were already looking at positive numbers even before we got the data that came out. part of that is bounceback because s&p is down for five days in a row so people are looking at this as let's slow down for a moment and reassess. we got numbers outt 8: ited picture. jobless claims is the most important. that's what the market is focusing on. that number did come in better than expected. 359,000. consensus estimate was 375,000. it's belo 385 we saw last we leds g. you see a drop in firing. not a surge in hiring but firing islowing down and we'll take whatever we can get on the jobs picture. when it came to durable goods though, this was a big shocker. at huge miss because .2%. they were only looking for a drop of 5%. a lot of weird numbers can go
9:27 am
into this. part of this is nondefense aircraft orders fell to zero. the other storis a big drought. you saw farm invtories droby $5.3 bil a ts we knew the drought was out there. we didn't realize what a huge impact it had. you are talking about thearket looking like it will open. were you singing? >> that wasn't me. i'm just that good. i'm justhat good. ug i w you. >> i'm told it was wex. you were humming along as well. >> i believe in magic and i believe in becky quick. we're taking a dee dive into the super pac, super spending and ess what? it isde drari money into their big super pac. we'll break down numbers for you. we'll be back in 30 seconds.
9:28 am
>>on the radar, a hail mary pass for the nfl and football fans. three out of five states are into early voting and a new lead on one of the gat unsolved mysterieof ourti. firs eineg i iowa today. the hawkeye state joins 29 others to have some form of early voting so far. on that list are crucial swing states like virginia, iowa, north carolina, more ates, ohio, florida, pennsylvania, will sta early voting in october. after a tweet from the president, a national outcry from football fans and
9:29 am
politicians of all stripes, the regular nfl referees are finally back in their stripes. around midnight this morning, the nflhefflson announced a tentative eight-year agreement was reached to end a lockout that began in june. the agreement will not change records for games playedith replacement fs. the deal will be voted on tomorrow and saturday but league commissioner roger goode say ck w start with tonight's brown/ravens game, where there was a fear what fans would do to acement refs, you had to get real refs there. police in michigan think they might have a lea ore jifas buried. a dying detroit man tells police he believes he saw hoffa's body being buried 35 years ago. investigators will take soil samples from beneath a detroit driveway to determine if a body is buried there.
9:30 am
mmyfaast in 1975. despite a number of searches over the years, his body has not been found even when they built the new giants stadium which was the great rumor for so long. today's deep dive. more evidence that money will not decide this race. four months the was nd wringing about high money donors and contributors that wrote big checks in 2008 would sit in the sidelines in 2012 and a big money deficit would make a difference in a tight presidential race. back in early february, the president reverse a long held position on ss signaling they should pony up and to democrats it was safe to ask for outside money themselves. he teased the decision in an interview with nbc's mattlauer. >> if you ask me would i love to take some of the big money out of politics? i ul rtelgh now partly because of supreme court rulings and a bunch of decisions out there, it is very hard to be able to get your message out
9:31 am
without having someresources. >> a few weeks later the reason hind the reversal became aad clear. you want to understand why the president flipped on super pacs, look at ts number. this is president's super pac in january. $58,815.83ai and questions about big donors were meant with defensiveness. even after the president's reversal, super pac fd-raising failed to pick up for the democrats significantlyn partic t official o r c, pitiessa raising just $2 million in february. 2.5 million in march. less than 2 million in april. trailing well behin the mitt romney super pac and high dollar donations to the ama camp were lagging. by the end of january $2,000r focem 11,000
9:32 am
supporters. fewer than half of the big donors his campaign had at the same poi in time in 2008 and less than a quarter of the number of high dollar dons george w. bush had at the same point in his re-election. and now we're startingo s interesting analysis. >> continues to say do not get complacent. don't hold your cash. dot hold your checks back until june, july and august because we need to build our infrastructure now. >> what a difference four or five months make. cs rdth summer. in augus obama super pac priorities usa action outraised romney's restore our future for the first time and now we see the impact. we see thatestore spending plummeted from august to september. from 23 million to just 3 million. meanwhile, prioritieusa has omter millin bled ipeg august to more than 9 million in september. now typically if you have plenty of money, you run television ads. if you don't, you run radio ads.
9:33 am
priorities latest ad b is on eio poi effort wh labor group. here's a piece of it. >> 150 million americans, seniors, veterans, the disabled, romney attacked them when he thought no one else was listeng. >> my job is not to worry about thospeop. ne me g su, a ocking figure that comes from the late test round of tv spending figures. take a look. they show that conservative super pac american crossroads was off the air in august. zero dollars spent. crossroads gps an affiliated groubareade dent in em th jpedo the game in a big way laying out 21 million combined. why did one of the supporters go dark at the beginning of the campaign's stretch run? it's a question some may ask later. while republican groups as a whole are outspending democratic groups, the gap is narwi th iarndidual donors finally stepping up on the democrats behalf.
9:34 am
michael is here we. where is this jump coming from? is this the psident may win, i m y a ccerted effort? >> there are several things going on. some of that is exactly what you just said. -- he may win. train is leaving the station. i talked to a doctic consultant who tol meheer daatoboio look like christmas for democratic super pacs. not just labor unions but money on wall street and trial lawyers are stepping up. >> tal lawyers. 'rtag prisingl qetut n ou looked at the numbers from the last reporting just last week you see a surge in money from trial lawyers. >> we'll put up numbers. we'll put up graphics here.
9:35 am
>> steve andmbermostyn. former president of the texas trial lawyers association. huge democratic donor. 3 million to democratic super pacs. peter angelos has a lot to yut tse. $1.2 million and john eddie williams, $750,000. >> none of these guys had given monein the first six months. >> hadn't given money before. they are turning it on. here's an interesting question. not a big iue thate' edutnra. what do they care about? >> what do these trial lawyers care about? >> anything that aects mass tort legislation. what they really care about is judges. we're all talking about next president may have three supreme court jundges. 14 and 62 is the number of vacancies on the court of
9:36 am
appeals and in federal distric court judges. liberals haved disappointed that obama has not namondhe t through. i think this is to buck obama up to get moving on this issue. they want liberal judges and they want plaintiff friendly judges for those mass tort litigation cases. and that's something they care about a lo the fact that we'reinhis money is an indication you're going to see more push on obama to start doing that. >> interesting. one quick thing. the clinton angle. a lot of ex-clinton people. clinton getting more involved in super p -rng cnton starting to put the arm on some of the big democratic donors. we're starting to see some of these hedge fund guys traditionally given to democrats, liberals, pony up, james simmons founder of renaissance techno. >>lint didomeetnts
9:37 am
up in new york. >> also don't forget ram goes from co-chairman of the campaign during the convention dropping that in order so he can start pushing talking to super pacs andut heathnd start to see that at the convention. may have taken a hiatus during the teachers strike but tha will have a big impact. >> should we look at it like if you see this increase, it's the big donors betting? >> i think this trend thatou g- iptber when we lee get numbers. >> great work. excellent way of connecting the dots on these judicial vacancies. just like old times, guess what? wt gingrich has harsh words for the romney campai. our political panel joins me next. rshioup oe day today, it's a lot of -- i don't know how much they're hanging out in the white house today. it's virginia. back and forth. a quick pick me up, they can
9:38 am
ve white chicken chili. we need more likes andpokes. re wche y rundown" only on msnbc. >> time for "your biness" entrepreneur of the week. anew ithe urth genatio owner of rosenwach tanks. he says you don't throw out what works. you st build upon it. for more, watch "your biness" this suny moin 7:3on this suny moin 7:3on nbc. [ ross ] we are in the dades gorge,
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plus, it works in these other areas dentists check most. ♪ new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. life opens up when you do. for extra plaque protection try new crest pro-health clinic rinse. if senators buy the view that judge thomas will approach roe v. wade with aopen mind, there's a bdg i bly thigls to buy. >> that was senator ted kennedy back on this day in 1991 when the senate judiciary committee deadlocked 7-7 on the supreme court nomination of clarence thomas. the committee instead voted to send jge thomas' nomination wiout ecndn he llte as of course was confirmed nearly three weeks later by one of the narrowest margins ever in history. 52-48. >> former republican primary rival newt gingrich delivered,
9:42 am
shl we say, ofisou assessments of mitt romney's messaging and campaign strategy on wednesday. here's newt. >> the romney campaign is yet to find a way of explaining itself and laying out in clear, crisp mnndma ink rence between that frankly is a problem. they have this overmethodical model where they go out and say th same thing. >> joining me now for my panel, the former cnion directs director for harry reid and also my current colleague at the white house, nbc's mike viqueira and republican ad maker, bra todd is in the studio box. mr. todd, since i don't get to say mr.odd verftnl i'm talking to myself, we're not related but people ask us that all the time. assess newt's assessment.
9:43 am
is he right? >> the fantasy is trying to aller history opposed to live it. i think that's what he's trying to do here. i think really he oug tbe ngma teing. mitt romney may have made a mistake or two running his campaign but president obama has made mistakes running the country. so that's the mistakes that need to b owned up to. >> do you think this republican sort of cticism of romne that's gone public is dng mageo romney and not helpful? >> voters don't play this parlor game. i'm glad some people do so we can talk about it here on the show. voters much more worried about what's going on in theirives and problems in their own personal economy opposed to whpe ithe campaign day-to-d day-to-day tactically. >> we know there's not a love loss ant shouldn't be that surprising to have newt criticize romney. it seems like more republicans are trying to go public for some reason. >> not pulling for one side or the other but arm chair clnpll behind.ou s itvery
9:44 am
a struggle between the severe conservative wing of the republican party and the compassionate conservative wing of the republican party. newt gingrich represented a severe conservative wing and that's one thing that mitt romneys fighting against right now. >> it em, showing the closing ad with what the president is up to. how important is the early vote for the president's campaign and clearly it seems to be a very dominant tme why we saw closing spot if you will. >> ias thinking about the early vote because right now if someone starts voting today, th are lng at a campaign that could be very different in two weeks because sometimes these moments happen that change dynamics. >> it sounds like you're confli conflicted. >> i'm conflicted. it's great to get as many people voting as possible and if this crnecyn 'swofu races where people don't start focusing until the very end like senate races, house races, ballot races, you know,
9:45 am
something could happen and people could change their mind and then they have no recourse. >> the demratic pty has bee so focus oarlyeor . would argue we saw it in 2000. we saw it in 2004. democrats have outorganized republicans on the early vote. is it good for democracy? >> i think it is. how long has this electioneen ing ? ihink tt af rmn out there. i think there are people that are just tuning in. there are people that have been tuning in for weeks and months and a year and a half. how many republican debates were there? every single day the network news leads off or it's in their a block of somhing wh the idal >> f t information is out there. this isn't like 20 years ago. >> the president has been president for 3 1/2 years. mitt romney has beenunning for president since god knows when. they're not new. th're not new to the american people. i think that is out there. >> brad, since i he y he, revd you do a lot of tv ad buying.
9:46 am
i want to throw up our list of the most saturated tv markets for the week madison number one. seven of the top ten are in ohio and virginia. the only other state represented isridathhanmadison, wisconsin. there was an interesting story in "the washington post" this morning that i'm sure you caught. romney has more money but obama gets more discounted tv ads. explain how that works. >> the candite dollars are given a prerentl re a tesitatis opposed to issue groups. american crossroads, even the party committees pay a higher rate than candidates pay themselves. so president obama has been able to spend more money from his campaign with his own campaign committee writing the check opposed a super pac idouannehas. the reason is simple. we have a broken system on the federal elections commissions level. romney can take $2,500 per person.
9:47 am
spent that long ago in primaries. the $2,500 that obamaot i marcs still in the bank. >> i heard critiques that romney campaign could be doing better. when you watch their ad buys and where they do placements, do you age with that asssment? >> it's a very tough call. there's a big chest s gameoi on he. ob ciginvested heavily in very small markets in virginia and ohio, places where republicans typically would run well. obama is betting that heavy spending in those markets could help overcome what would be a national republican advantage. the romney campaign ts they ilke a psnseor that's the interesting question about media buying strategy in this campaign. >> i want to end this segment here before we do a senate race after the break. a republican pollster said this about do or die asct f it went from being important to being life sustaining. he talks about from a
9:48 am
fund-raising perspective keeping money coming in and it was something i hearrepublicans quietly tell me if he doesn't hold up well at the debates, you're goingo have senate and house republicans saying, hey, chgingheir mge t d give obama a blank check. >> i'm one of the people that likes to stifle the urge to go against what everyone else is saying. look at the conventions. look at the 47%. look at some of romney's commts shore coequenti consequential. >> it does seem 47% left a mark. >> absolutely. campaigns are full of moments. >> when we come back, we'll talk the senate and is there something brewing in pennsylvania. we asked who was the first u.s. president with an a? an,hi td to be too easy. george w. bush was the first and only president to hold a masters in business, which he earned at harvard. same place mitt romney earned his a. if romney won the house, he
9:49 am
uld heirst joint j.d. and mba. do you have a political trivia question to be on the show? e-mail us. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with cottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dlar tres are just the start. try our easy-to-use more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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>> let's bring backur panel. so, yesterday we joked about claire mccaskill waiting until after the deadline to go up with the first attack ad. then we got this from t senatorial committee. efledidate than me liberal senator claire mccask l mccaskill. we will continue to monitor this race closely in the days ahead. that last sentence, code for, well, maybe we will -- >> virtue of necessity. what else are they going to do? th choice is between avending the seat of democts and
9:53 am
backing todd akin. i think all along since he's been stubborn about staying in the race this race was going to tighten up after the initial flush of outrage over his legitimate rape comment. >> fred todd, you used to do lot with them. is this -ow - ho you sort of circle the messages of what the republican party said in august about todd akin and then suddenly throwing money in his race? >> they're not throwing money in at this race at this point. it's logical for them to monitor e tuatn. he tomw. he's going to be the nominee. to me more interesting is the fact that the republican senate battlefield now runs through new england of all places. maine has faltered badly. linda mcmann is now still doing well against chris murphy. scotbrow ioldiis against her and leading in many polls. if republicans lead all three of those races, the republicans are going to pick up the senate.
9:54 am
>> that is true on new england traction on akin if they keep coming in and supporting him? >> i think so. if the republican party after this election wonders why they're still having a problem with women, it's because of stuff like this. they did what was the politically right thing but the right ing with distancin themlvrom, then just to come back, that's going to be a problem not just for the akin race but nationally. >> not just money. saying words that seem supportive of akin, t more they start doing that, the more ammunition they're giving rodell and otherocts iothe ce b wasn fascinating is the strongest candidates have been the women candidates, both in the democratic and republican side. we put this out yesterday, mike. >> right. as brad just talked aut the candidate race there. a perfect example. >> tt the rubli y'ret candidates?
9:55 am
>> they probably are. i think they probably are. scott brown is a great candidate in -- of course he's an incumbent but in running a fantastic race in a tough state. that's part of the four you can put. >> shamelesslugti. , g fi >> for all the political junkies out there you've got to read sasha eisenberg's new book "the victory lab." it's fantastic. >> third shameless plaug plug. >> american bridge today is launching ak.c saving it. over 90 events, raw footage on >> todd? >> this weeken college football, coach to cure md, the college football coaches will be trying to help cure muscular dystrophy. ia good cause. >> close to home being bethesda, maryland, the msi classic 14 and under galaxy team, 3. 0. >> welcome back, ed hockly.
9:56 am
heairun.t for thi edition of tomoow we will show you the state of the race, north carolina, nevada, and new hampshire. the ns have it. coming up next, chris jansing. bye-bye. i have your business travel forecast. a few areas of rain but overall many of the major airports should be just fine nor your travels today. we're going to see a little period of rain heading off the mid atlantic coast during the day today a more rain should develop in okla esciallyer ser missouri. just typical afternoon thunderstorms down there in florida. enjoy and have a great thursday. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts,
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will. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now get $37 basic instaltion on all special order carpet. good morning. i'm chs jansing. next, with the president and mitt romney will be both in in viinia as the polls insilyav tsi and the calendar is mitt romney's nemesis. just six days until the first debate. 40 days until the election. the president stumps in virginia beach today while rney is in springfield. those swing state polls show mitt romney down. and s campaign is now rerve anotr .4 million in ad time in those crucial states, including $1.5 million for virginia. but it's io's numbers that are raising a lot of eyebrows today. the president hinted at the 47% videthere that's been so devastate for hisopnt


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